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Renovating the bathroom is quite challenging. You must think about the design, the pipework, and others. The most important thing is you must set the budget and stick to it until the renovation finished. But there are things you must know before you start the renovations, what are those?


Make a plan

You must plan your bathroom design, but avoid making useless changes. Do not change the design once it’s fixed, you can change it before you hand it to the contractor. Make sure there isn’t an issue that might meddle their work.


Make appointments

You have to find an electrician, plumber, and contractor. They are all needed, especially an electrician and plumber because they will help you with the addition of your electric shower, lighting, and toilet. Make sure you choose an experienced and certified technician.


Choose sanitaryware

Before all the plastering or tiling starts, you have to choose all the sanitaryware, such as bath, toilet, sink, shower, and bathroom furniture.


Mix and match

You can try to mix your sanitaryware from different suppliers to make savings, and you have to avoid purchasing cheap items like plastic shower trays.


Put mirrors

You can use large frameless mirrors to cover one wall to make your small bathroom looks bigger and lighter.


Avoid wall-mounted sanitaryware

Ditch any wall-mounted sanitaryware because it requires specialist fixings and you will spend more money when it’s broken.


Install the ventilation

Don’t forget to install ventilation to avoid damp and steamy bathroom caused by condensation from hot water.


Avoid too much lighting

Use a single central lighting is enough and cheaper than using downlights or wall lights. You can buy smart lighting control that has preset moods to create a nice atmosphere in your bathroom.


Most important from all of these is you must pick a trusted technician, either it is a plumber, electrician, decorator, and builder. You can contact Advanced Bathroom Renovations for bathroom renovations in Ramsgate, Sylvania, Caringbah, and other areas.

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