We all think that living as a trucker is a hard one. They have to drive ten times more cautious as a slight distraction can make them miss a car slipping through the side, a crash can send someone straight to oblivion as a truck literally towers most of the vehicles. The list goes on…

But what most people miss out are the journeys from one end to another.

Truckers get to experience most places that people don’t usually traverse to as they have no need or time to do so. Places such as villages, the lakeside, the barren wasteland, etc. Sometimes, just seeing such serene scenery will heal a person in almost all aspects of their character. That’s why people go on vacations.


For truckers, delivering the item from place to place, is somewhat their vacation. It’s all based on mindset. If they focus on cherishing the outlandish, rare scenery then they will most certainly be rejuvenated and continue on with their work. Some might even be more motivated to get their jobs done.

Another problem that needs to be addressed is that trucks can’t swoop in and out of traffic, so when the traffic is at a stand-still, they really can’t do much.


When we are stuck in traffic, we curse, we rage, and we just do all sorts of stupid things that just clouds our mind and judgement and God forbid you from doing something so outlandishly stupid. For a trucker, with the right mindset, a stand-still traffic is a time of rest.

After 12+ hours of travelling, they can get their eyes shut for a bit in order to regain the strength that they need to get that extra mile. Just don’t oversleep as you might become the cause of the next stand-still traffic jam.


All in all, a truckers life is not something that should be avoided like the bubonic black plague. Just see the silver lining and I’m sure you’ll cherish any small thing and life as a trucker can be an escape from the concrete jungle. If you find interest in becoming one, All Truck Driving Schools are available to take you in and give you the keys to the Lamborghini… Well, the Caterpillar to be exact.

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