Neon signs have always been people’s favourite way to promote their business for years since they are not expensive. People use them as business banners, event banners, etc. Some cafes also use neon sign to give an aesthetic look for their interior.

It is easy to set up the neon signs so you can set it right away after you get your neon sign and get the benefit as soon as possible. Still, you have to be careful when you install it especially if it is heavy and doesn’t have good structural support to hold the neon stably because it can cause an accident.


Neon signs have high visibility and they stand out even in the crowded mainly on a night time. It gives a big advantage for small businesses to be spotted easily during day or night. You just have to be creative with the design, make the shape unique that fits the concept or image of your business so people can remember your business easily. But you have to choose the right colours since they do not have many colour options (around 100 colours), unlike modern signs, so it will not annoy the passerby. Also, make sure you measure the space for a neon sign that will be installed so it will fit and can be seen clearly by people.

You can install it outside or inside your place since it is suitable for both interior and exterior purposes because they do not produce too much heat or emit gases and can resist any weather exposure outside.


Not just neon signs can attract people’s attention easily, but they are also cheap and energy-efficient. You will not waste too much electricity even if you turn it on for a whole day because average neon signs usually use 90 watts of electricity.

You don’t have to buy bulbs for replacements if you choose to use neon sign as well since the neon sign has a long lifespan for 10 to 12 years if you can maintain it properly, meanwhile bulbs usually will fail after 6 months.

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