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It’s a rather gruelling yet fulfilling lifestyle being in the fitness world. You put your blood, sweat, and tears into the work just to make a better man/woman for yourself. With the relentless lifting of weight for bodybuilders and insane numbers of push-ups and pull-ups just to collect the endurance you really want.


It sounds like a lot of hard work and dedication being put, and it’s not just pure brawn in the fitness lifestyle. You also need to play smart. Sure, by going to the gym incessantly, six days a week for two whole years, you can get everything jacked up. It’s not about the effort, but about the outcomes.

You must have a careful diet, you must plan what you will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can have cheat days, but not cheat weeks, as a moment of pleasure descends into a week of procrastination.


Unbecoming of those teenagers with empty new-year resolution, where they start strong and ending up super weak. Until they have made their plan and commitment, they will inevitably fall back into the same pit of procrastination.

Everyone has hectic schedules, meetings that want your hair to be pulled out, and work that drains you like a toxic partner. The list goes on, and would you even have the time to just look good to dedicate your life?


Without supplements, going to the gym is as arduous and time-consuming than any other commitment. But we want to cut that time spent. We want YOU to get results at a much faster rate. So you can look good, healthy, and rejuvenated for your next meeting or work.

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