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Do You Love Your Pool?

The way it looks and how it feels is a big component of having a swimming pool when you swim. We can’t just dig and fill a hole in the floor to call it a pool, it’s got to look nice and feel nice! We use our swimming pools more than just swimming, it makes many occasions, moments and memories.

If you use your pool as a backdrop to a case, take pictures, or just stare at the house or patio, why not make it look good at an inexpensive cost!


Green To Clean

Swamp monster got your pool looking like a bowl of pea soup? Here are the steps to cleaning out a green pool:

  1. Turn off your pool equipment
  2. Call pool restoration Newcastle now!

We have experienced and professionally trained our team to help you in restoring your pool fresh and new. We also handle the safety concerns of reclaiming the green pool and turning it crystal clear again without losing too much water.


Pool Resurfacing

The pool interiors serve 2 purposes, sealing the inside of the pool and protecting it from water loss. A pool is not a waterless pool, and it sets the general tone and theme when the pool water reflects light from a good pool interior layer.


Pool plaster surfaces usually last ten to fifteen years without reapply. Standard pool interiors can last only 10 years and do not have many color choices, while performance plaster surfaces such as Wet Edge Pool finishes providing a much longer lasting and colorful experience.

Here are a few signs that you may need to replace your pool interior surface:

  • Etching: the roughness of the surface, causes blistering of feet, shows pits and is very porous
  • Cracks: Hairline or larger cracks indicate a weakened surface bond.

If you think you haven’t maintained your pool for several years, it’s best to call Pool Resurfacing Newcastle right away. It’s better to resolve the problem as soon as possible than to wait for the last minute.


Tile Cleaning, Scale Removal

Water evaporates and it doesn’t stop. When your pool water evaporates, any contaminants and chemicals contained within it will be left behind. This happens at the bottom of the waters across the pool surface and along the sides of the spillways from which water flows freely. Now this is when Pool Resurfacing comes to shine!


This is a normal occurrence, but it can make the pool tile look unsightly, and fortunately, there is a guaranteed way to remove the pool tile scale that makes it look new! By using specialized blasting facilities to correctly clean pool tiles, we assist customers who want to maintain their pools looking fresh, restore them like the day it was installed.

Mastic Sealant & Control Joints

Where the concrete meets the floor of a swimming pool is called the “Control Joint” and allows the pool concrete decking to expand and contract without disturbing the materials at the bottom of the pool. It can erode compacted soil under the concrete slab if the water is permitted into this gap.


Mastic sealer is essential because it seals the control joint while enabling the neighboring surfaces to be expanded and contracted, a rubbery sealer type used for pools and concrete.

Signs to be replaced by pool mastic:

  • Cracks forming on the concrete near the pool edge
  • Coping pieces becoming loose
  • Concrete decking is sinking lower than the pool level

This all can be done by pool restoration Newcastle’s team as they are licensed and experienced at making your pool look brand new and crystal clear. Don’t hesitate to call them now if you need it right away.

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