Not all of us are experienced repair technicians, especially when it comes to washing machine repairs. As such, the odds are great that most of us won’t know when our washing machine needs to be repaired or replaced completely. Here are the warning signs of an impending breakdown to prep you to start saving for a new washer rather than wasting your money on useless repairs.

Loud Noise

If it sounds like your washer is about to take flight whenever you’re using it, it’s probably just unbalanced. Typically, this is an easy fix and not necessary for you to call out a technician. However, before you shrug it off as a simple defect, it’s still a sign that something is wrong and you should take action before it leads to something worse.


Frequent Leaking

This occurrence is by far the most obvious sign that your washing machine has a problem. Typically, this problem is the result of overflowing or a loose connection. If your washing machine is older to use, it probably uses the same amount of water for every size load. You can take steps to minimize leaking by determining how large of a load you can fit in your washer and still have room for turning, spinning and shaking.


No Water In The Drum

The only reason your drum washer isn’t filling up, is that there might be a delayed cycle selection, kink in your hose or a problem with your hot and cold water faucets. If you check all three and none are the culprit, there might be some sort of complication with your water intake valve or filter that needs to be looked at by a professional.


It Moves Excessively

Your washing machine should stick solidly in one spot while cleaning, rinsing and spinning your clothes. Whenever it sways from side to side so hard that it looks as though it’s walking—or actually is walking—you need to plan on getting a replacement sometime in the near future.


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