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Don’t Ignore Dripping

We always tend to see drips from our plumbing fixtures as something that can be ignored, something rather miniscule and does not need to be taken care of. We go past our kitchen and seeing the faucet dripping since last year, yet there’s nothing that’s been done towards it. What if I were to tell you that is actually a serious matter?

Here are three points to state why it actually is a big problem:

  1. Accumulated water leakage - If your faucet is dripping a drop after every ten seconds, we overlook it. We just see the short term and say to ourselves “oh at least the floor ain’t flooding” and all that. Thing is, you leave that for at least a year, and you would have wasted at least three million gallons of water just by not maintaining and fixing your faucet.
  2. Accumulated water bills - Sure, water bills aren’t the most expensive utilities that you have to pay for, but it’s still an expense. We have budgeting to take care of and money to save up, it would really suck if you had to use your “money for a rainy day” just to pay up additional expenses. To make matters worse, the added expenses are caused by people’s ignorance towards water dripping.
  3. If one plumbing fixture is leaking, another must be leaking too - This is more towards mindset than anything else. If you ignore a leaking faucet for a year, then it’s safe to say that there will be other problems with the plumbing fixtures you have at your home. Why it’s a mindset problem is because you have overlooked a problem, perhaps it is too insignificant for now, and you only tend to it when you’re in a state of panic. This is damaging not only for your wallet, but for yourself too.

I’m not here to bash anyone who has these problems or who has experienced it, but this is to educate the readers that; whatever problems you have, no matter the scale, should be resolved at a moments notice. We leave a “small problem” untended then it will grow into a much bigger problem in the end.

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