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People are usually stuck when they face a project on designing something such as posters or banners or anything that requires concentration and creativity. What should I do first? Where do I start? Those questions come into your mind as you are staring at your blank sheet, not knowing what to do because it starts with a good idea and creativity.



First, you need to get a paper. Write down anything that comes to your mind and draw if you have the visualization in your mind. Once you are done with that, you have to find the right template.



Your poster should be clear, whether it is about the text, images, or the message behind it. There are three basics in poster, those are headline, details, and the fine print. The largest element in your poster should be the text or the image, so you have to use a unique image to attract people. The details should cover about what, who, where, and when if it is about an event. Last one, fine print is needed if there is more information.


Choose Font

To make your posters look more attractive, you have to find the right font that describe the mood, whether it is fun, playful, or serious. Find one or two fonts that are unique and catch people’s attention. Don’t use too many different fonts.


High Contrast

Another way to catch people’s attention is by turning up the contrast. You must arrange the gradients, colour palettes, elements, and fonts. Knowing where your posters will be posted and located also will help you determine the right colours, fonts and other design elements.


Know Your Target

It is important to know and understand about who your target audience is since your design has to match their interests, culture, and habits.



A poster doesn’t just consist of text but also image. You can use photos or illustrations, but make sure the image helps you tell the message of your poster.


Extra Space

Avoid using the whole space of your poster. Make room for the poster so it wouldn’t look too full and it will leave a good impression for the image and you can see and read the text clearly.


Ask for Opinion

When you have finished your poster, try to ask an opinion or some from people around you about what they see first, whether they get the message or not so you can change it a little bit if there is something wrong, and you will make a perfect poster.


Hope these tips will help you create a good poster that will attract people with a touch of your creativity.

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