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Most of the time your patio furniture is a focal point to an outdoor space. This is where you “flex” to your guests, eat, relax and enjoy the happy summer season. Caring for your cast aluminium outdoor furniture set properly will ensure your investment in many years to come to no matter where you might live. Here are some tips for cleaning your cantilever umbrella in hills district for a better chill session around this suburb street:

Timing Beats Power

Light cleaning, like cleaning left-some debris off your cast aluminium outdoor furniture set umbrella can be done the entire season. Heavier cleaning on the other hand, like washing the fabric alone, should be done annually after summer is done.


Clearing Debris Off From The Top

Make sure to clear off any debris like pebbles, rocks, leaves and twigs from the top of the umbrella. Allowing debris to sit on your umbrella leads to water mildew shaping, which eventually damaging the fabric. Debris can also rip the fabric off so its best to start cleaning the top.


Washing The Fabric

Vinyl and Canvas are the two different types of fabric used for cantilever umbrellas. To clean a vinyl umbrella, first, use a gentle cleaning solution of liquid or powder detergent and warm water. Make sure to use a soft brush to gently wash the fabric. If possible, get the specialized cleaning products from your local patio furniture and department store.


Once cleaned, don’t forget to air dry the fabric.

Cleaning The Stand And Base

Pretty much the same as how you washed the fabric, simply take the solution of mild detergent and warm water, then wash the structure. Take apart the main unit as much as possible to remove dirt and wash each section and make sure they are air-dried as well before placing it in storage.


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