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Pet-Proofing Your Plumbing

Of course in this modern era pets are part of the family, and as family member, we do love them, and sometimes as animal being, they can be out of our reach, they love to chew some of their favorite toys, scratch our floor or furniture and that is just their natural habit, and they can also cause a few issues with our plumbing if we are not aware. This happens because their effect on our plumbing is not always noticeable. In order to keep our plumbing and pets happy, we put together a list of tips to pet-friendly plumbing.

1. Cover exposed pipes

You need to cover the exposed pipes or wrap it with some soft material because an exposed pipe combine with aggressive dogs can really put a dent into the budget. This can cause rips and tears in the pipe resulting in unwanted leaks. The pipe itself can be toxic for your pet. You must be aware of the safety of your plumbing system and guarantee the safety of your family members.


2. Clean pets outside

When your pets are playing outside, they tend to get mud and dirt all over them. Rather than bathing inside the house, you could put the effort to do the cleaning outdoor. Bathing our four-legged friends in a bathtub could cause blocked drain from the mud, dirt or whatever else is caught in their fur. By cleaning your pet outside of your home, you could keep both your house and your pet clean. However, if you’re still going to clean your dog in a sink, always remember to use a drain stopper. This uses a mesh to keep dirt and hair from going down the drain and causing a dreaded blocked drain.


3. Watch where your dog digs

The plumbing system and your sewer lines are usually buried deep down in the ground, however, some pipes maybe just below the surface of the ground. A pipe that is exposed could be easily torn, pierce or ripped causing burst pipe and leaks in your plumbing. If you have a dog who is a digger, consider asking your local plumber to mark where the pipes are. This way you could discourage your dogs from digging in the marked area.


4. Mind what you flush

Usually, cat owners would flush their kitty litter down to the toilet. If you could relate then you need to stop doing this as litter can quickly clog your toilet which requires damage control. Generally, avoid flushing anything that is not human waste. Some stuff packaging says it is flushable, but no matter what the labeling says just ignore it.


If you have more inquiries on how to pet-proof your plumbing or you have some tips that we have missed, call Mr. Splash - Local Inner West or get in touch online! We are happy to answer all your questions!

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