BMW has a distinctive and complex key system that makes it complicated to replace your key when you lose or break it. Like most automotive companies, BMW uses the infamous keyfob that uses specific coding to work with specific cars.

What Makes BMW Car Key Replacement Expensive?

In 1995, BMW introduced an immobilizer in all car model units. The immobilizer was added to all car unit for an extra safety feature, it prevents the car from being switch on if it does not recognize the transponder chip in the key fob. It will disable the fuel to transport into the engine preventing the car from moving, making it difficult to break into and steal it. Due to this security measure that BMW key programming and replacing is harder than other cars.


Dealership Vs Automotive Locksmith

Due to its complex nature, the BMW dealership would often charge hundreds of dollars just to get the key replacements. Here are some examples that show how the expenses could add up:

  • Since you are getting a car key replacement, this means that there is no working key for the car. This means that the car could not run, therefore, the dealership would have to tow your car to the car service to work on the key.
  • Most BMW dealership would not have an extra key or new key in stock. This means that it requires a special custom order that would take a few days to arrive.
  • Once your key has arrived, it needs to be programmed and connected to the car and the whole immobilizer system has to be reprogrammed to be able to recognize the new car key. This would allow the BMW dealership to charge a high rate to reprogrammed the whole thing.

Replacing your BMW car key with the dealership could take days or even weeks before you could be behind the wheel again. Additionally, the cost of replacing your key could cost you a lot.

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