Based on how much you’ve done on your research, it’s time to make the big decision now that you’ve spent all this time and energy. You’ve likely restricted your decision to one or two plumbing technicians by now. You need to consider a few more stuff before you make the final choice. Price is crucial, but it should not be your top priority. You are looking for a local plumber in your home with whom you can trust and feel comfortable. That’s the top priority for you. If there’s a reduced price business with the plumber you like, fantastic! If the plumber you like is with a more costly business, but you think that he is truly trustworthy, is he worth the price?

Using a business that utilizes a “flat rate” pricing scheme is always best. Pricing “flat rate” implies that the technician will come back. Look at your issue and diagnose it, then quote a cost from a price book “printed menu.” The’ flat rate ‘ scheme is reasonable and equitable for all concerned. Here is a list of some of the many reasons you and the plumbing business benefit from this scheme.

  • You know the price before the work begins. It is easy to budget your finances.
  • You don’t have to watch the clock worrying about the time it takes to finish the job.
  • You don’t have to be concerned about the cost of the material.
  • The price should be fair to allow the plumbing company to make a profit (approximately 15% is the norm). You want your “local, trusted family plumber” to be able to afford to stay in business.

How to save money on your favorite plumber?

Want to save money on your favorite, trusted plumber? A “service contract” is the best way to save money on your service work. Usually a “service agreement” involves an inspection of your mechanical devices, waives all travel fees (my service business saves $39.00 each trip), provides discounts from the “flat rate” book cost and always provides “top priority” to “contract clients.” For their “service agreements,” each business has distinct perks, so you have to consider this when interviewing your plumbing businesses. “Service agreements” cost the client cash, but sometimes “spend cash” is necessary to “save cash.” Most service companies charge a fee for the “service contract” to give it value and in return, you, the customer, receive an even higher value through their quality service and lower prices.

In Conclusion

You’ve got your favourite supermarket, hair salon, physician. You’ve got your favourite auto mechanic, babysitter, restaurant. We all have our favourite companies and individuals in company. It makes sense to have your own favourite local plumbing firm and “local, trustworthy family plumber!” Don’t wait to catch you “off guard” with “emergency.” Trust someone you know and who will treat you properly with your family, home, and valuables.


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