Silent but Deadly

Gas is relatively cleaner and cheaper compared to other fuels, which is why most homes use it for appliances as well as heating systems. Like other things in your home, appliances that use natural gas could wear out which leads to wear and tear that could result in a gas leak. If this happens it could be extremely dangerous and costly to repair.

Indications of a gas leak

Natural gas is actually odorless, however, for safety reasons gas companies would give it an odor so that you may notice whenever there is a leak. When you notice the smell of gas in your home, try to locate the source of the smell. A gas leak could come from ovens, stoves, water heaters and barbecues. These are some signs that there is a gas leak from your appliances.

  • Dust particles blowing around your appliances
  • A constant hissing noise
  • Dead plants around your appliances
  • Puddles that are bubbling

Often times, a natural gas leak could be minor which is more difficult to identify. This is when you only notice the odor every now and then. However, it is important to always be mindful whenever you smell a gas odor or hear a hissing sound around your home.


What Should You Do When There is a Leak

When you notice a pungent smell of natural gas or you constantly hear a hissing sound in your home, go outside and call for help immediately. Additionally, if you have a neighbor that is close to your home or you live in an apartment, you should notify them of your gas leak. It is extremely important for you to keep away from the gas leak until professional help has arrived as inhaling a high amount of natural gas could be extremely dangerous for your body.


These are some safety tips to keep in mind whenever there is a gas leak;

  • Do not turn any electrical switches
  • Do not use battery-powered items near the leak
  • Do not use your lighter inside your home

Call Professional Help!

If you are unsure if you have a gas leak in your home, or you want more information on gas leaks, do not wait and give SPS Plumbers St George a call at (02) 9099 9237 or get in touch online. We are Sydney’s plumbing specialist that offers 24/7 emergency plumber experts that provide gas installation and gas repair for your home.


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