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The use of supplements is quite popular in the healthy lifestyle regime. It goes without saying since all supplements require protein that greatly enhances the speed of your muscle building, and proteins contain amino acids which is a building block for our muscles.


So it goes without saying, if you pursue in the life of bodybuilding, that supplements are quintessential to muscle growth. But is that really how it is? Are protein shakes the way to go? To completely replace your meals with supplements is not the most viable option.

I’m not here to discourage users or start any argumentative war, but one must be wary of what they are using and taking. Forewarned is forearmed.


Supplements greatly help boost the progress of your working out sessions, this is why it’s so common to see people have a flask, bottle, or whatever container and bring it around the gym. They take the supplements after workout, just as a response to the body that “Hey, I got you some protein. Now start building that magnificent muscle mass for me!” With this, the body then responds and increases the work speed of your body to create muscle mass.

Thing is, protein shakes can only do so much, and just like everything in life; too much of everything can lead to a very bad outcome. You musn’t replace your diet with supplements. You need those natural resources to keep you going and it’s a very safe approach.


Red meat has protein, Tuna has tons of protein to boot, so it goes without saying that natural resources won’t conflict with chemical, but more like they go hand in hand with harmony for the development of your body.

You just have to know what supplements you need to get. There’s whey, BCAA, etc. that can greatly boost your muscle mass growth.

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