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The 6 Items to Put in Your Go-Box

When you are packing your items for your new home, one of the most important packings should be your go box. Some people call it essentials or travel box. These boxes would usually contain necessary items for their daily needs and it is usually the first box to be opened in the new home. In this post, we will list eight items that you should put in your go box.


These are items that are easy to lose or damaged. One example would be an extra mobile phone charger. Your mobile phone is only useful if it has enough battery to function, but oftentimes, during the packing and moving process, you may lose your charger due to the chaotic nature of moving home. However, if you bring a spare charger in your go box you would not need to worry about dying phones.


Comfort item

Regardless of age or how many times you’ve experienced home relocation, moving to a new home could take its toll. Bringing comfort item in your go box could make the relocation a much better experience, especially if you are residential moves includes young children. Bringing a familiar blanket or stuffed animal could help your kid in the transition of moving home. Another example of items you should put in your go box is your current reading material that could help you relieve some stress during your moves.



Residential moves or interstate moves could be a mundane and boring experience for the family. However, in your go box, you should pack at least one form of entertainment. This could be a handheld game, books, music player. Additionally, you could also pack group entertainment options in your box. For example, you could bring a camera to record memories, games that involve a group of people or even your favorite road games.


Family documents and records

Whenever you are moving, it is important to gather all the family’s documents or records in your go box to minimize the chance of losing it. The family record in your box could include medical care information, vet records, important contact numbers and personal documents like birth certificates.



If a member of the family takes prescription medication, then it is important for the medicine to be packed in your go box. Try investing in small pillboxes to track the dosage and organize a timetable who has to receive which medication at a specific time. Staying on top of this will help protect your family’s health during the transition.


Personal toiletries

Consider the toiletries you will use in your new home for the first couple of evenings and weekends. You should put all these toiletries in your personal go box. You should have a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and all hair or skin products that you use every day.


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