Have you ever thought of unblocking drains by on your own without the hassle of calling in an emergency plumber? Although this might seem like a safe option, you may not have realized how dangerous this could be and the horrendous effects it could have.

One of the biggest dangers of doing it on your own is due to not using the drain cleaning chemicals correctly. Many of these tragic accidents involving drain cleaning products are caused by the incorrect or unintentional use of harmful chemicals that can burn the skin. Chemical burns are very harmful because they continue to burn the skin until they are washed away.


The chemicals in drain cleaning products were intended to remove the grease and build up that causes blocked drain, so you can only imagine the horrible result that the skin will develop to chemical touch. Which is why many chemicals have a significant list of health and safety warnings that are unfortunately overlooked and cause accidents. Remember to always use safety gear such as gloves and eye protection when working with any kind of cleaning cleaning chemicals.

Then What Should I do With the Blocked Drain?

We all understand how annoying a blocked drain could be, but make sure to put the wellbeing of you and your family first. Although exploring DIY unclogging solutions such as using boiling water or natural drain cleaners can be convenient, it’s also important to bear in mind that a blocked drain is often a symptom of a larger problem like a possible crack in the pipe


When you have a blocked drain at home, the team at SPS Plumber -Eastern Suburbs will be there to help you unblock the drains by using our CCTV inspection service to quickly find the source of the blockage. And we can give a full report on what we consider the issue to be and recommend the steps to take.

Blocked drains could be more problematic than they seem, which is why SPS Plumber - Eastern Suburbs never suggest on using chemical drain cleaning products as it may not solve the problem and it could cause injury to yourself and harm to your pipes.


If you wish to learn more about SPS Plumber or you are experiencing blocked drains and you want us to help you, do not hesitate to call us today or get in touch online!

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