It’s surprising how something as simple as a skip bin can serve such purpose to the rural and urban areas of the world. Without it, there will be an inefficiency of taking out the trash, which results in people being too lazy to clean their environments, thus cluttering the land with dirt and rubbish.

With skip bins however, if creates convenience and efficiency. But what is efficiency if you yourself don’t know what to use it for? Well, this article will list out the types of trash that you could use the skip bin for and when you should utilize the services of a skip bin.


What types of waste could you put into a skip bin?

Most rubbish types that households produce can be easily accommodated by a skip bin rental. The types of waste a regular skip bin can handle include:

  • General waste
  • Household waste
  • Furniture
  • Garden waste (including wood and timber)

You do have to make considerations for rubbish like bricks, dirt, concrete, sand, and tiles. These can only be accommodated by skip bins to a limited extent due to weight restrictions, so another size of skip bins should be ordered instead of the normal ones. .


When should you hire a skip bin when moving?

To get the full benefits of skip rental when it comes to convenience and cost-effectiveness, it’s best to follow a schedule.


You should be organising your items at least eight weeks before your moving day. Deciding whether you’ll have space for storage, what you would like to sell, donate, or throw. Keeping to a checklist can help reduce stress.

Four weeks prior to the move is the time to hire a skip bin. You can throw everything you’ve marked rubbish in. You also don’t need to finish filling the skip bin in a day. When you are ready, call for pickup.

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