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The Root of Your Problem

Planting trees and landscaping could add appeal and charm to your home, moreover, it could also provide some privacy for you home. However planting the wrong type of tree in the wrong area could lead to expensive plumbing damages. Tree roots that are aggressive could penetrate your plumbing system or even into your home’s foundation. However, it does not necessarily mean that you should have a home without any plants in your yard. The right landscaping and plumbing plan should allow your plants and pipes to coexist without any issues.

Here are some things to consider to prevent any plumbing issues due to tree roots:

  • Before you do any of you landscaping, as a homeowner, you should find out where all of the sewer system and pipes are located in the yard. If you could not identify the location of your sewer systems and pipes, try contacting a professional plumber.
  • Once you have located your sewer systems and pipes around the yard, find out the appropriate distance between the trees and your home to ensure that there is enough room for the roots to grow without intruding with the pipes or sewer systems.
  • Plants and trees would need to have enough nutrients and water in the soil in order for their roots not intrude with the sewer and piping systems. By making sure that you are planting your trees in soils that have enough nutrients would prevent the tree roots to grow towards your sewer and pipe lines.
  • Try planting trees that do not have an aggressive roots. Trees that have aggressive roots tend to grow and penetrate your sewer and pipeline. Planting these kind of trees could lead to tree roots in your drains which would result in a blocked drain.
  • Sewer maintenance. Your sewer systems and pipes contains a lot of water that would help trees and plants to grow. It is important to maintain your sewer systems and pipes to prevent any cracks or leakage. If a crack appears in your sewer systems or pipes, tree roots will quickly grow towards it, which could lead to the tree roots in your drains or sewers.
  • Root growth barrier could also be used to discourage roots from going inside your sewer lines. These barriers are usually made from metal or wood and buried alongside your sewer and pipe lines to serve as a physical barrier

Taking this list into consideration could save you from spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary issues. If you suspect that you may have roots your plumbing systems, do not wait and give SPS Plumber a call at (02) 9099 9613 or contact us through our website at to get more detailed information on our services. We are Sydney’s plumbing specialist that offers 24/7 emergency plumber experts that will provide the same day service for any of your plumbing issues.

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