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When it comes to marketing strategies, there are so many promotional methods and products that your business could do to gain exposure and business from your target customers. Out of all the promotional items that you could do, we believe that promotional water bottles could be the best for your business.


Here are our top 5 reasons why promotional water bottles are the perfect gift.

Repeat Exposure

Giving out water bottles as your promotional corporate merchandise will allow you to market your company ni many levels. Since a lot of people use water bottles in their daily life, your customers will be exposed to your products, logo and name repeatedly. Furthermore, your branded water bottles could be used by a huge range of customers. As people bring the water bottles to their office, school, gyms and even malls, your brand will be exposed to new audience and potential customers.



Choosing to give out reusable water bottles lets your customers know that your company cares about the environment. This is because promotional products such as water bottles encourage your customer to not use single-use plastic bottles. Nowadays, there are plenty of water bottles that are made with recycled materials and furthermore, these bottles could be recycled when you no longer use them.



As we previously mentioned, a lot of people take their water bottles anywhere they go. People bring them to the office, school, events and even sports activities. Due to this, you could give away water bottles to a huge range of people as everyone can utilize them. Water bottles could also come in different style, colour and size. And you could imprint unique design, messages or even photo on these water bottles. They are extremely versatile!



Unlike single-use plastic bottles, promotional water bottles are designed to have a long lifespan. When you are using a plastic water bottle, you would have to dispose of it once you finish your drink. This is because they are designed to only be used once. However, promotional water bottles are reusable and will stay with your clients for longer period of time.



The corporate water bottles are extremely accessible and affordable. Your company would not have to spend much, because when you order in large quantities, you could benefit from the economies of scale. Taking the affordability and the marketing benefit that you could gain from it, choosing to use water bottles would have a high ROI.


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